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A Brief Introduction to Copia Financial Services

Searching for Equity Release Advice in Gloucestershire?

Have you been looking for a way in which to improve the current deal that you have on your mortgage, but lack the technical knowledge to make this decision alone? Are you interested in hiring an equity release specialist in Coventry that does not excessively charge for their services? Should either of these situations apply directly to you, it may be that you are a prime candidate to enlist the help of Copia Financial Services.

The fact that we have been working in this industry for more than twenty five years means that we have a wealth of expertise in a relative niche field. If you fancy a friendly chat to discuss your situation further please get in touch using any of our website's various contact methods.

What is Equity Release?

The idea that property wealth should be accumulated and passed on to children upon your death is facing a makeover. There has been a significant increase in housing wealth, while pension provision has not been as generous. Many families are now asset rich, but cash poor. Equity release features mean that inheritances can still be left, although many are choosing to share released funds with their loved ones while they are still alive to see it.

Many people are facing a shortfall in pension incomes. The decline of final salary pension schemes along with a rising cost of living has led to more people retiring without adequate savings. Equity release plans have been a solution to fill this shortfall, allowing people to pay down mortgages, alleviate monthly bill payments, and boost their retirement income.

Though this is certainly not something which is suitable for everyone, In the right circumstances releasing capital from your property through an Equity Release scheme can be an ideal way of raising money.

The growth of the equity release market has led to more funders and increased competition. As such, interest rates are at the lowest they've ever been and there is a wealth of features and flexibility available. All of this combined has led to equity release allowing more people to tap into their housing wealth. There is a marked shift in consumers being more familiar and comfortable with equity release and the benefits it can bring.

To us, it does not matter if you would like to take advantage of a traditional equity release plan, which can be taken advantage of if you are over the age of fifty five, or you would like to instead opt for a retirement interest-only mortgage. More information regarding both of these solutions can be found by clicking on the respective links.

Not What You're Looking For?

Whilst the vast majority of our customers come to us because not only are we locally based in Stratford-upon-Avon but we are equity release specialists. This means we provide advice on not just equity release plans but also Care Plans, Funeral Plans, Lasting Power of Attorney and Wills.